The Cheap Dish
Coconut Cream Pie - $9.47

Let me start this out with telling you that I am not a baker. When I was little, my mom let me make my own cookies to share at family dinner. After one loud bite, my dad called them golf balls, we all laughed and they were quickly thrown into the garbage. My cream pie didn’t fair much better.

I know it’s not the recipe, because I found the perfect one by Emeril. I know exactly what I did wrong. However, bear with me as I tell you all about the process and how you can avoid my own foibles.

You will need:

  1. Pastry Shell (includes 2 pie shells) - $3.00 
  2. Whole Milk (I like fat free so I just bought a quart) - $1.49
  3. Cornstarch (this can become a staple) - $1.99
  4. Coconut (Toasted or Flaked) - $2.99

The staples I used were:

  1. 3 eggs
  2. Butter
  3. Vanilla

For the most part you can just follow the recipe. Make sure you read through it several times before making it because you can easily get tripped up. Here are some terms that I had to look up before I made this pie.

Temper - Gently heat the food (in this case the eggs) by adding the hot milk slowly. This basically means don’t just throw the hot milk into your egg yolks.

Slurry - A fixed suspension of solids in a liquid. To me this just makes it harder to scoop the cornstarch out, but I do what Emeril tells me.

I honestly think my pie would have turned out perfectly had I have known to bake my pie crust first. So I’m telling you now, bake your pie crust FIRST. Then make the filling and then the meringue. Because I didn’t do this, there was excess juice at the top and it leaves the dough chewy instead of crispy.

Even though the pie didn’t turn out that well, the point was to make this in celebration of the USA making the round of 16 in the World Cup. So, Liz bravely (with handmade stencil in hand) drew on the FIFA soccer guy with ball. I told her she should think about another career in cake decorating, because she made a complete baking failure look really great.

After rehashing the gory details to my friends, I’m left with the parting words from my dear friend Stephanie, “Baking is more formulaic than cooking. It’s all about precision and less flair. You just have too much flair.”

Happy eating!